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Blasting Accessoiries

Airblasts wide range of accessories includes everything which is required for the blasting operations such as:

  • A full selection of blasting nozzles incorporating a wide range of sizes in the most popular materials of tungsten carbide and aluminum as well as more specialist configurations such as boron carbide and silicon nitride

  • High quality blast hoses 25x7 as well as 32x8 available with various wear ratings

  • A full selection of nozzle holders, hose couplings, and whip checks

  • Blast lights for illuminating the blasting area as well as individual lights for single user operation

  • A full selection of abrasives metering valves including Flat Sand Valve, Micro Valve, Steel Grit Valve, Abrasive Membrane Valve, Thompson Valve


Blasting nozzles

ATSDX TC Long Venturi Nozzles

ATJDX TC Medium Venturi Nozzles

ATL TC Short Nozzles

RJL TC Long Venturi Nozzles

ATST TC Stick-up Nozzles

AAM TC Angle Nozzles

ASB TC Spinnerblast Nozzles

ABSNX SN Nozzles

ABSCX SC Nozzles

ABCX BC Long Venturi Nozzles

ABSC BC Stick-up Nozzles

WIN Water Injection Nozzles


Abrasive metering valves

FSV - Flat Sand Valve

GVA - Abrasive Membrane Valve

Microvalve - Abrasive Metering Valve

Thompson Valve - Abrasive Metering Valve

AP7 - Abrasive Control Valve



Blast Hoses

Air Hoses

Rubber Suction and Discharge Hoses

Polyurethane Suction and Discharge Hose


Nozzle holders

NNH and CHE Nylon and Aluminium Nozzle Holders



Cast Iron Air Hose Couplings and Clamps

Brass Quick Connect Couplings

Nylon and Cast Iron Blast Hose and Machine Couplings


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