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Aquastorm wet abrasive blasting system

Method: Water and non-metallic abrasive are mixed together in the blast pot under pressure before flowing through a special valve and down the blast hose to the nozzle. The dust created by blasting is contained within the water and can be removed from the work site quickly and easily for disposal or reuse.


Application: This technology is best used in applications where a complex work piece (not flat and consistent) needs to be blasted quickly and in a dust free manner. The performance achieved is superior to traditional open blasting and maintenance costs are reduced due to the lubricating effect of the water.

Safety: Airblast engaged ISMA to conduct independent tests in a controlled environment which concluded that using the Aquastorm significantly reduced the electrostatic charge generated in the substrate. Furthermore traditional open blasting causes hot sparks as the media impacts the substrate – due to the presence of water the Aquastorm does not produce hot sparks.


Aquastorm Wet Abrasive Blasting System


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